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Lots of good news is coming shortly! A new 7inch solo vinyl single is coming out on March 17!

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New Reviews are in from last spring's CD launch tour of the Miles Perkin Quartet

"The performance by the Miles Perkin Quartet stood out in terms of conception and sheer beauty of musicianship. Their concert was close to perfect. The music seemed to float in the air, the musicians filling the spaces with colors and shades, surprising but apt shifts in dynamics and tone, in a delicate balance between composition and improvisation … a reflection on time and space as well as the need for beauty, daring, and the spirit of discovery ... optimistic but offered no final answers other than the notion that spiritual clarity is of the utmost importance." (Mike Chamberlain - Signal to Noise)

"Perfection can be fleeting, and is too nebulous to really pin down. There were several moments of perfection during the 2012 FIMAV, but one stands out ... Miles Perkin convened a quartet that delivered pure and serene abstraction. The music was soft and beautifully intricate, accented by mellow flugelhorn and subtle piano preparations. They played open-ended compositions with open improvisation; they played something like jazz and something like new music; and they played together with never a misstep. The point of a term like musique actuelle, or "music of the present," is to defy definition, but there could be worse things than if the Miles Perkin Quartet was offered up, by way of example, as a definition of the art." (Kurt Gottschalk - All About Jazz)

"An impressive, introspective quartet, evoking something akin to ECM aesthetics." (Joseph Woodard - Downbeat)

"The concert featured pieces from their CD, one of the year's best to date. Although selfreleased it sounds like it could be an ECM recording. A perfect "morning" concert, it was quiet but filled with restless tension. Thom Gossage must be one of the most patient drummers around, waiting to place just the right sound at the right place. Benoit Delbecq's often prepared piano meshed together with the percussion providing Cage-like gamelan sounds, while trumpeter Tom Arthurs filled the upper register with floating tones." (Laurence Joseph - Suoni per il poplo blog)

"The music was very chamber-like, with celeste-like piano, strong, thoughtful bowed bass and sparse percussion. Tom Arthurs took a handful of superb, austere Kenny Wheelerlike solos that were the highlights of the set. At times it sounded like Delbecq had a small jewelry box chiming inside the piano while the other members of the quartet added soft nuances or shades to the well-crafted music as it unfolded. A few folks told me that this was their favorite set at the festival. It certainly was sublime." (Bruce Gallanter - Downtown Music Gallery)


I'm happy to anounce that two new albums are in the pipeline, and will be released next year: The first is GLUE: a trio with Tom Arthurs (trumpet) and Yorgos Dimitriadis (drums), and the second is SEQUOIA: a double bass quartet with Klaus Kuervers, Antonio Borghini and Meinrad Kneer.

Just finished a very nice tour in Finland, Estonia and Latvia with Benoit Delbecq's trio featuring Emile Biyanda on drums. Big thanks to Charles Gil for making it all happen in such a nice way.

Looking forward to this week. I will be in Poland with Benoit Delbecq and the Lutoslawski String Quartet !!


Miles Perkin Quartet just wrapped up a CD release tour in Ontario and Quebec. Thank you to the wonderful audiences, presenters and the Canada Council for the Arts. Keep reading for some press clippings from the tour, recent album reviews and a link to hear one of the concerts.

'There are many ways to weigh a music festival, and one that might be a bit too demanding a measure is perfection. Perfection can be fleeting, and is too nebulous to really pin down. There were several moments of perfection during the 2012 FIMAV, but one stands out as the sort of thing it often takes a such festival to pull together. Manitoba-born, Berlin-based bassist Miles Perkin convened a quartet with British trumpeter Tom Arthurs, French pianist Benoit Delbecq and Canadian drummer Thom Gossage that delivered pure and serene abstraction. The music was soft and beautifully intricate, accented by mellow flugelhorn and subtle piano preparations. They played open-ended compositions with open improvisation; they played something like jazz and something like new music; and they played together with never a misstep. The point of a term like musique actuelle, or "music of the present," is to defy definition, but there could be worse things than if the Miles Perkin Quartet was offered up, by way of example, as a definition of the art.'
- Kurt Gottschalk (All About Jazz)

The Quartet's new CD is available now! Just click the 'store' link.

'Despite the line-up of trumpet (Tom Arthurs), piano (Benoît Delbecq), bass (Perkin) and drums (Thom Gossage), the textures borrow as much from contemporary classical, electroacoustic and gamelan music as they do jazz. The piano is often prepared, meshing with rustling percussion that rarely settles into a fixed beat. Low-key, sophisticated and ECM spacey, the slow tempos and contemplative mood shield a restless tension. A seamless blend of composition and improvisation, exotic and gracefully modern. 9/10' -Lawrence Joseph - Montreal Mirror

And take a moment to listen to a segment of our concert at FMC Jonquierre. Free to download!
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New album entitled Objects In Mirror Are Closer Than They Appear from the Miles Perkin Quartet availiable March 2012 ! !

Orders accepted now. Go to the STORE section to order the CD or immediate download.

Miles Perkin Quartet is:
Tom Arthurs: Trumpet/flugel
Benoit Delbecq: Piano
Miles Perkin: Bass
Thom Gossage: Drums/Percussion

"Bassist Miles Perkin, who splits his time between Montréal and Berlin, has just self-released this gem which deserves a place on a prestigious label. Creative music drawing inspiration from ECM jazz but moving further, into a highly personal compositional world where melodies are deconstructed but retain their charm. Perkin’s quartet includes Montréal drummer Thom Gossage (a long-time partner), UK trumpeter Tom Arthurs, and French pianist Benoit Delbecq. Incredible musicality, and a perfect alignment between a composer who has find his path and musicians fully capable of following him."
-Francois Couture

Canadian CD launch tour :

May 15 @ Music Gallery, Toronto
May 17 @ Festival Musique de Creation, Lac Saint Jean
May 19 @ FIMAV, Victoriaville

go to EVENTS page for all concert details.


:::GLUE::: online release availiable now ! !

Go to the STORE section on this site and follow the link for info. All digital releases are free to stream, so go check it out !

Glue is:
Tom Arthurs: trumpet/flugel
Yorgos Dimitriadis: drums/percussion/contact mics
Miles Perkin: bass

"To listen attentively to this trio is a special pleasure, akin to reading a book or seeing a film. The only difference being that the bystander is a first-hand witness to the entire creative process. Simultaneous idea and realisation—something I encourage you to experience in Glue's upcoming concerts."
-Klaus Kuervers

upcoming GLUE performances:

August 3rd @ Theaterkappelle, Berlin
September 9th @ Aufsturz, Berlin
October 5th @ Schlot, Berlin
October 14th in Sibu, Romania
go to EVENTS page for all concert details.

::also new in the store::


CD releases from 2008 ::APOSIOPESIS:: and ::THE GUESSING GAME:: are now available as lossless digital downloads. Free to stream, so you've got nothing to lose!


:::NEW 4tet ALBUM:::

I'm very happy to announce the formation of my new quartet with british trumpeter TOM ARTHURS, french pianist BENOIT DELBECQ and my long-time canadian ally THOM GOSSAGE on drums/ percussion. Our first album is recorded and mixed. Preview tracks will be posted shortly. Launch details to follow. I'm extremely happy with this one!! It is a very special group, and the music has been captured beautifully in the recording studio at the Jazz Institut Berlin.


If you're in the Berllin area, you're invited to attend my master's recital at the Jazz Institut Berlin on June 15th at 5pm. It will feature the quartet, but Steve Heather will be replacing Thom Gossage for this performance. It will take place in the Geog Neumann Saal, which is a fantastic room to hear music in. Check the events page for the address directions.


On January 1st, 2010 Lhasa de Sela passed from this world. She is, and will continue to be very sorely missed. I was blessed to stand on the stage with Lhasa in her last years, and these memroies are an enormous gift that I will take with me and I will never forget. Lhasa's generous spirit, pure music and contageous optimism live on in the hearts of all those who knew her from near and far.

Thank you Lhasa.


I'm happy to announce that the trio of Canadian guitarist Steve Raegele (featuring Thom Gossage on drums and myself on bass) has found a new home on the Vancouver based label Songlines. The CD will be released Feb. 2010.

Also coming in winter 2010: a new recording from Berlin based saxohonist Peter Van Huffel with his new quartet featuring American pianist Jesse Stacken, Swiss drummer Samuel Rohrer, and me on bass.

I'm currently collaborating with Nils Ostendorf on the creation of solo bass music for a production of "DIE NIBELUNGEN" directed by Marius von Mayenburg at the Schaubuehne, Berlin. This show will be playing often throughout the fall and winter and I'll be on stage for every performance.

Some other interesting stuff is coming up in the next couple of months, so check the events listings!

Thanks for visiting, and see you out there ! ! !


"Music and that which excites laughter are two different kinds of play with aesthetical ideas, or of representations of the understanding through which ultimately nothing is thought, which can give lively gratification merely by their changes." -Kant

in other words...

"Music and laughter are two things that don't need to mean anything to bring us deep pleasure." -John Cage


Hello. It's been a while since I put some fresh news up here. Sorry for the long silence.

I just got back from an amazing trip to Iceland to play 2 concerts with Lhasa. It was my first time in Iceland and I must say that it is quite a special place! If you've never been there, you really should go!

Some solo dates are coming up in Germany this week. I'll be opening for Patrick Watson in Hamburg on Thursday and Berlin on Friday.

Happy summer, and thanks for visiting my website.


Happy new year everyone! Best wishes in '09.

I've finally made the leap across the atlantic... living in Europe now. It feels great so far.
No performances this winter... taking a bit of a break while I get settled into a new life in Berlin.

After a busy December in Montreal, there are some new recordings on the way soon...

-> Lauzier-Perkin-Kuster: a new recording of improvisations. Beautifully recorded by Harris Shper at Fast Forward studios.

-> Erik Hove Trio: after several years of playing as a trio... Finally, a real recording!! Recorded by Andy Vial at his (very very good) new studio.

-> sUPER LITTLe: The anxiously awaited album!! ...hmmm... you'll have to wait some more, but it's almost done!

-> Lhasa de Sela: all finished, and it sounds fantastic! Recorded in analog to 2 inch tape at hotel2tango by Thierry Amar. The Canadian release is set for April.... I'm very proud of this one, and extremely proud of Lhasa for seeing through the storm and making such a warm, personal, and beautiful album. Thanks Lhasa, Sarah, Joe, Andrew, Theirry, Ryan and Howard for such an inspiring experience!

Many thanks for stopping by. I hope you come back soon and often for more updates! xo Miles


On November 12th Thom Gossage (excellent drummer, extremely imaginative composer, all around good guy) will be releasing his new album called IMPULSI. This is his 4th disc with "Other Voices" and probably the most progressive, confident and unapologetic one yet. After nearly 10 years of playing together, this band is an extremely well-oiled machine. We seldom play in Montreal, so don't miss it!
for more info:

In other, less interesting news. I turned 28 today. It feels like I'm one year older than 27 and I think I might be prepared to turn 30 in about 2 years.


A duo Recording with the wonderful French pianist Benoit Delbecq is nearing completion. We spent a day recording at Sequenza Studios [Montrueil] on May 10th. This recording will be availiable for downloads sometime this winter.

CBC radio recorded our June 17th concert at the Lion D'or in Montreal as part of the Jazz Festival L'OFF. The concert will be broadcast tonight at 8pm on CBC radio 2.

Thanks to everyone who helped to make last monday's Common Thread/8 percent show at Jupiter Room a night to remember.


Welcome to my new website. Thanks to Scott da Ros for the design and the Canada Council for the Arts for financial support.

I'm happy to announce that I have two new CD's coming in March!

Thursday, March 20th
Doors at 8pm
o patro vys
356 Mont-Royal East

On March 20th, Miles Perkin will release two new albums of his own works: “Aposiopesis”, a solo album featuring Miles on solo bass, voice and electronics, and; “The Guessing Game” featuring his compositions as played by an ensemble of 6 musicians called Common Thread. Miles will open the evening with a solo performance and will be joined by Erik Hove (flute, alto saxophone), Chet Doxas (clarinet, tenor saxophone), Joe Grass (pedal steel, guitar, mandolin), Sarah Pagé (harp), and Thom Gossage (drums) in the second set.