"Perkin picks, bows and struts his bass like you've rarely heard before, drawing sounds from thin air, a purveyor of both common and uncommon techniques. Aposiopesis [Miles' solo dubut] is a beautiful, quiet and haunted record, slowly and continuously built up, torn down, and built up again." 4/5 -Nightlife Magazine

"This debut CD by Miles Perkin is a strong statement that he will not be restricted by any one style or influence.... A kaleidoscope of music that speaks of experimentation and broad vision." -Irwin Block, Montreal Gazette

"a yearning, wide-open sound that suggests all manner of emotional complexities beneath its beguilingly cool, contemporary surface. His pieces' harmonies are often slow moving and trancelike, establishing a firmer, subtly-shifting ground beneath the more intricate, quick-moving layers of sound on top... Superb stuff, and all in all Common Thread counts as one of the strongest Canadian jazz debuts in years." -Nate Dorward, CODA magazine

"Audacious as well as artful, this Montreal disc shows what can result when free improvisation meshes with knowledge of notated New music....Probably the best example of their mature talents is Perkin's Broken Glass, divided into sonata-like sections.... A 21st Century advance on jazz chamber music, Today is a Special Day more than lives up to the inference of its title" - Ken Waxman, Whole Note (Lauzier-Perkin-Kuster CD review)

"Again, Perkin's performance makes me sit up and wonder why this isn't his band." -Ken Egbert, Jazz Now (concert review of Tom Walsh trio featuring Steve Swell)

"Throughout their set the audience was riveted. Hey, could actual listening (as in glued to the edge of your seat) be back in style?" -Juan Rodriguez, Montreal Gazette (Ka Noo concert review)

"Today is a Special Day features a band so in tune with each other that even when a misstep is taken, the ensemble reacts in such a way to make it sound good" -Andrew Choate, Signal to Noise (Lauzier-Perkin-Kuster CD review)

"Check out Perkin's textural masterpieces with Common Thread" -David Ryshpan, Settled in Shipping


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