APOSIOPESIS (definition): The rhetorical devise by which the speaker or writer deliberately breaks a thought and leaves something unexpressed, but yet obvious, to be supplied by the immagination.

This solo material has been developed through a series of recording sessions. I recorded many improvisations, listened to them, identified appealing musical territories and recorded again using these territories as a starting point. This process was repeated several times until I felt that I had fully surrounded a specific idea, but had not hit it on the head directly. This allows for the space and flexability needed to breath new life into the pieces each time they are performed while maintaining each specific color and shape.


2008 Miles Perkin | Aposiopesis [self released]


Performing "Perspectives" at O Patro Vys
Performing "Bass Drum 1" at O Patro Vys

Performing "Capos" at O Patro Vys